Mother’s Day Traditions; take 1….Flowers, Cards, and…a misdeamenor crime?

I’m not sure how the tradition began, but i think it was a few years ago when my husband and i were given two tickets to see the final round of the Wachovia golf tournament here in Charlotte.  It just so happened to also be mother’s day. My husband generously offered up his ticket and suggested i take another mom friend. So, i picked my most sports appreciative companion and we set off for the Quail Hollow country club. Oh, after she took us  through the Taco Bell drive through. I was of course repulsed but didn’t know her well enough to express my opinions. plus, i don’t trust any place that just serves pepsi products. or tends to combine its space with another restraunt. Pizza or tacos…pick one. i despise ambivilance.

My friend and i parked at the house of some friends that backed up to the golf course. Going this way was going to be ‘easier’ than having to deal with all of the tourney traffic. All i’m going to say here is that traversing the landscape between us and the golf course required a 15 min hike through the woods, scaling two large embankments, and walking over a long steel pipe ‘bridge’ that ran across a very wide creek river. oh, and doing so in flip flops.

As we entered into the country club via. the back door(the ‘back door’ being a dirt path with a locked arm railing which i’m sure was just there to keep people from trying to sneak out. the nerve of some.) with our passes around our necks; we saw our first golf pro. did you know that tiger woods has to wait in line in order to get a beer during the final round? i’m pretty sure it was tiger. i think it was him…he was wearing a red golf shirt with a black hat and black pants. but, come to think of it,  we saw him again later waiting to go to the bathroom, and then taking pictures behind the rope fence while the other pros found their tee shots. seriously, i don’t know how he can concentrate encouraging all the others and playing his final round. amazing.

we walked around for a bit, and then parked ourselves for the afternoon on a small hill on the 17 green. It’s a par 3 over a pond and then all of the golfers have to walk past us to get to the green. So, we saw everyone. My friend and i talked, laughed, people watched, enjoyed the beautiful spring afternoon that only a Carolina day can provide but mostly we both just settled in and rested. There was no one there who needed anything from us. No little sweet children to interrupt our conversation whether intentionally or unintentionally. No squabbles to settle, no body parts to wipe, no pb and j’s to fix, no sippee cup spills to clean up, so we just sat still and were able to take a deep breath from a long week. and something else happened, we became women again, and not just mommies. Motherhood is a wonderful thing. i love it and take it very seriously. But i also need to be reminded to cultivate my own inner garden and for me that means sitting still, being with other women, laughing, and on that day…..apparently breaking and entering.

As the day was winding to a close we weren’t aware that there was a tie between two golfers. Sergio Garcia and Vjay Sing were dead even coming up to our spot on the 17th hole. So, the crowd was getting very excited and there was complete enjoyment in the air. As they both parred the hole, my friend and i got up and sprinted to the 18th hole. Running…i also like running in flip flops in an effort to cultivate my inner garden. More importantly we both felt like kids on christmas morning which is an excitement and a heightened anticipation that is rare to come by in your early 30’s. We found a great spot to watch the 18th hole play out….and they both parred it! So, we did what any other 30 some odd year olds would do on christmas morning at Quail Hollow Country Club….We ran back down to the 17th green to watch them begin their sudden death holes which turned out to be three or four trips up and down that hill.

We walked back through the course after the round ended, both a little quiet. We found the back door, found the path, found the pipe bridge, found the car, and found our way home. But the greatest thing i found was when i walked through my own back door, i was very thankful for this mother’s day gift. I was very thankful for having an afternoon off, for friendship, for laughter, for adventure, but mostly for a little breathing room to rest and see what a gift i have in being a mom. And honestly for the time off that found me returning home,  feeling more like a gift to them.


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