Artistry: Mr. McGregor Style

I have always loved gardens; even as a child when my reasoning was less sophisticated. It just so happened that my Memaw’s garden offered some fabulous hiding places by late summer.

You could squat down between the rows taking in all the earthy, sweet aromas while trying to avoid being captured in whatever game you were playing at the time, or for whichever crime had just been committed.

As an adult, my flower garden provides the same type of sanctuary. The only difference is that now I am the ‘grower’ which is very different from simply being the recipient of its graces. I have had to learn through lots of failure, that perfectionism has no place in the soil.

You will not become a true gardener if you cannot fail. There is too much against you. But if you can hold on to the reasoning that the process is as important as the product, then you will experience the joy of an artist.  Which is creating beauty.

My girls and I went to the Matthew’s Farmer’s Market yesterday to see the local other’s doing just that…creating. It is still early in the season, but the brush strokes of the local farmers filled up the tables.  It is great place to go when you need a little boost of the natural. It’s a great place to go if you need to be inspired. It’s a great place to go if you want to  drink a coca-cola out of an 8oz glass bottle, which was the only way my grandmother would have had it.

I like being there because if I’m trying to recover from rushing through a busy week, the vendor’s don’t mind if I just amble, stroll, or maybe even dawdle. Though, I will say that if you are not there early…you can forget about farm fresh eggs. Those puppies are the first to go. These beets on the other hand were plentiful.

After I snapped the picture of the beets, the old farmer asked me if they said, “thank you.”

Mainly, I enjoy going because it is also a wonderful opportunity for me and my children to see beauty being created in its earliest stages. I want my girls to become gardeners in their own passions one day.

I long for them to see that great things were once seedlings of ideas, aspirations, and dreams.  And for that, they need to see things like this little guy….

and realize that beginnings can be beautiful too.

“Everyone needs beauty as well as bread. Places to play in and pray in. Where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike.” John Muir


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