what i see vs. what they see…

i see:

*My two daughters already packing for our beach trip that’s still 4 days away

*8 stuffed animals to be packed with their gear strapped to their backs, along with a family of 4’s beach gear strapped to the van……6 of which aren’t even considered essential bedtime buddies. (read: two essential bedtime buddies didn’t even make to the photo shoot)

*my husband blowing the ‘male packing gasket’ for a beach trip that is still 4 days away.

They see: (should we go left to right or alphabetically?)

*(name; classification; gender; status; special talent)

*Charlie; monkey; male; married to Tonks(frog not pictured); swinging and climbing

*SweetBlossom; lamb; female; married to Dexter(pug; not pictured); likes to sing

*Elliot; elephant; male; married to Peppermint(a mouse…yes, i said a mouse; not pictured) loves to fly

*Rose; unicorn; female; single(‘ no pair; no fair family’); a magical horn with no power boundaries

*Honey; cocker spaniel; female; married to Cody(chihuahua; not pictured); cooking

*Lucy; tawny puppy; female; married to Pippen(reindeer); she can make anything out of paper and scissors

*Pippen; reindeer; male; (married to lucy); can fly…duh.

*Puddles(Pud); Springer spaniel; female(‘no pair; no fair family”); making chocolate

*8 brave animals packed for their quest to the beach

umm…ok. i guess i stand corrected. i’m just thankful there is no ‘ring of power to bind them all’  involved in this quest. I can’t stand to be chased on vacation.


2 thoughts on “what i see vs. what they see…

  1. What I see: No webkin spouses allowed on this vacation??!! That’s asking for a lot of heartbreak.

    I love the last line.

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