One of my favorite things in our life is community. My husband and i have the blessing of being surrounded by so many people we ‘do’ life with, and i am so grateful. When i say ‘do’ life, i mean our real life. The one behind closed doors. The one that can be filled with trials, fights, and  heartbreak. But also the one that brings us joy, peace, and laughter.

And when i say ‘community’ i mean people from all different stages of life. Whether single or married. With kids or without. We are surrounded by love and support. But what i am not saying…is that we live in a commune or a cult. just to clarify.

So, on this past saturday when i woke up feeling funky(not unusual for me) and alone, i knew my day was going to be uphill. sometimes, you just know.  it’s a lot of work talking to my doubts. sometimes it makes me tired, and i was going through the motions……until…..

i got this text: “Hey, i have a surprise for you. are you going to be at church tomorrow?”

this came to me around lunch time from a new friend. She’s hilarious and full of depth.

getting this text was like taking an antidepressant. It meant i was connected to something bigger than myself. It meant that someone had been thinking about me when i felt lost. My spirits were immediately lifted.

So, the next morning my new friend gives me this………

first of all, this is my husbands favorite color on me.

i open it up…..and see this…….

now, for those of you who feel like the Twilight series has no redemptive value….i’m here to tell you, relationships that are forged in Folks, Washington(the setting of the series)  will last forever. or at least until the hype dies down.

which brings me  to the front of my new gift……Forks High School is where Bella Swan and Edward Cullen go to school. in the book i mean…i mean don’t be silly, they’re not real people……at least i think they’re not real people.

Now,  there’s nothing about me that says….”Big and Shiney and Gold.” And apparently young girls are no longer being born with a rib cage cause i’m small and this is an XL.

BUT…i’m all about rooting for the home team. I’m all about feeling known even in my twilight madness. and i’m all about loving it when people go out of their way to communicate that you matter, ESPECIALLY when you are secretly wondering at that exact moment, if you do.

oh, and i’m all about not wearing the “i kissed a vampire and loved it” tee. no matter what the color, it wouldn’t have flown.

So, Thanks, E.

go Spartans.


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