treasure chests…

I returned home last night from attending a two day Charlotte Mason conference. There were many wonderful things that i took away, but one of  my favorite happenings occurred within the first five minutes of my arrival. Before i even checked in at registration.  My friends and i opened up the main door and saw bins and bins of used books for sale. I learned later that an attendee goes around from yard sale to yard sale all year-long gathering great literature in order to bring it to this conference. For her it’s not about making money, for she charges barely enough to cover her gas expenses. It’s more about filling up treasure chests and dispensing the loot to fellow book lovers.

i bought this for my oldest and inscribed…”For my daughter who loves adventure and appreciates the journey”….

and for my youngest, i bought and inscribed…”For my girl who loves and believes in the characters of the 100 Aker Wood“….

I wanted to share with you two other purchases that i’m SO excited about because of what they will do to enhance our reading adventures. So much so that i let go of 35$ worth of food money . Needless to say, lots of cliff bars for sustenance.

Regardless of how you have chosen to educate your children or if you merely have special children in your life,  these two reference books(that are full of the names of great books and authors) would be  invaluable to your home library. They also would be a great gift for someone who has a difficult time finding good books for their children to read.

“Books Children Love”(i know this is supposed to be underlined, but i don’t know how to do that in wordpress world) by, Elizabeth Wilson has been broken up by category. For instance, History/Geography, Biography, Humor, Animals, and Bible/Spiritual and Moral Teaching are a few.  She lists the name of the book, the author, its age appropriateness, and  gives a summary the book.

“Who Should We Then Read?” by Jan Bloom is broken up by author. She has over 150 authors highlighted with a brief biographical sketch, a listing of titles of all their works, and suggestions for age appropriate reading.

Happy Reading:)


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