an important conversation…

The wonderful thing about relationships is that you are always learning something new about one another. No matter how well you think you know someone….there is still room for surprises and/or mystery.

I’m going to let you in on a conversation that i had this morning between myself and my friend of over eight years, just to encourage you all to go out today…and well…dare to dance in the unknown.

me:  “what time are we going to the pool this morning and who all is meeting us there?”

her: “i just got a few call backs, but I moved the time to 10:30.  i need you to pick me up, because the  car’s battery is dead again.”

me: “sure, no problem. i’ll be there shortly after 10:30.”

her: “wait a second….. i’m curious. what did you just hear?”

me: “well, you said we’re meeting at 10:30 at the pool.”

her: “right. good. and what just happened in your brain that puts you at my house ‘a little after 10:30?”

me: “oh, yes…that. well, when i hear a time, whatever it is for…my brain translates that as ‘what time i am supposed to leave my house’.”

her: “wow”.(she says that to me a lot) “that’s helpful. I’m glad we had this conversation.”

the end.


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