Sun Up.

We had our first dig for the Kiawah Island Sea Turtle Patrol earlier this morning. And when I say earlier…..I mean early.

I woke the girls up at 5:30 am in order to excavate a Loggerhead Sea Turtle nest that had hatched 3 days ago. We never know what we are going to see or experience because everyday is different.

First, we remove the nest’s covering.

The large hole in the middle is where the baby sea turtle’s exited the nest earlier this week.

The dig begins. A Loggerhead Sea Turtle nest is generally 18in deep. This one was much deeper because of all of the rain and heavy wind the island has seen over the past few weeks. 

We found two turtles!

The recovered turtles are placed in a bucket with plenty of sand coverage.

The excavation continues, and later the eggs are counted.


and unhatched.

When the dig is finished, we take the turtles close to the water’s edge to be released. One of the turtles was not ‘viable’ when it was removed from the nest. The other had life in him, and it was amazing how much it perked up for its trek out to sea.

Here is the journey.

Next dig is Thursday morning!

*taken from 2009 KITP


One thought on “Sun Up.

  1. Ok, so baby sea turtles are pretty much adorable! How very earthy of you to help excavate them. One day you will have to explain to me how you actually got involved in this process. Hope you guys are having a blast!

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