Being Watched.

I have writer’s block. Or more accurately stated, I have ‘writer’s emptiness.’ I’m just empty of words or visions or ideas. I have had it for about 3 weeks. Incidentally, the same three weeks that I have had  two birthday parties, a week at the beach, and the beginning of our school year.

I’m sure it’s just because life is cramped right now. There is very little space for creativity and inspiration… for the written word, at least. I am also trying to figure out where blogging is going to fit in with my life now that summer vacation is over, and I am back at ‘work.’

I have committed to trying to get at least 300 words on paper every day as a discipline, so I sit in my special place at the dining room table and by faith raise my sail….waiting for the wind to blow. As I was doing this at my computer on Saturday and drifting aimlessly with my back to a window, I felt something. More like, I sensed something.

You are already aware of one of my super powers.  Another one, for there are many, is that I am hyper vigilant. Or for those of you that speak Marvel comics….I have a ‘spidey sense.’  I am very in tune with my surroundings if I want to be, and I can often sense “things” in a room or with people that are unspoken. It’s an antennae of sorts.

In the past, I was unable to turn it off. But with age and practice, I have been able to rest more in the presence of others and with myself. I am more comfortable now with mystery and the unknown. ****Disclaimer*** Just because I pick up on things, does not mean I automatically know what is going on. In fact, I’ve lived most of my life, knowing things, but not understanding them.

But, there’s being comfortable in the unknown, and then there’s just the living in the “weird”.  Finally, I was so distracted with this ‘feeling’ (or my spidey sense ‘tingling’) on Saturday that I turned around and looked out my front window. Plus, there was now movement in my periphery vision.

What the……?

Ummm….Can I help you?

Nope…I’m just watching you.

Did I mention, that I don’t own a cat?

Needless, to say I was so freaked out that I took down my sail and used it to cover myself up…under my bed.


7 thoughts on “Being Watched.

  1. That’s freaky. Only cats and spiders will hide and watch you like that.

    May I be the first to vote “Yes, blogging should continue to fit in your life now that you are back to ‘work.'” I’m generally of the opinion that everything can be fixed with the appropriate time management…primarily because I’m OCD. One of my favorite blogs, Penelope Loves List, has a recurring segment on “How This Blogger Stays Organized.” I’ve found the tips on how more seasoned bloggers stay organized with post ideas, post schedules, etc to be helpful as we get our site up and running. You should click the link in my blog roll and read some of those posts.

      • Yeah, I had a spider stalk me in my dorm room once. It’s too long a story to leave here, but trust me. To this day spiders freak me out more than is natural. They just always seem to be watching me when they are around. That means that they must die immediately.

        I wouldn’t recommend trying to off the kitty-cat, though. 🙂

  2. I DIED laughing at this! Granted, I have a cat so I speak the language of weird cat quirks. I’m sure that was unnerving. Missing you – can’t wait for CG to start back up!

  3. I think that might be the same cat that was sitting on our porch Sunday night crying at the top of its lungs. It sounded just like a forlorn baby (or more accurately, that our baby had had a nightmare and had somehow been transported from her bed to the front porch). Thankfully it was just the cat that I unaffectionately call “cow cat.” It took 2 of us, but we managed to shoo it away. But that is freaky that it was just watching you…

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