She Sings At “She Speaks”.

“Somehow, about 40% of church goers seem to have picked up the idea that “singing in church is for singers.” The truth is that “singing is for believers.” The relevant question is not, “Do you have a voice, but do you have a song?” (quote taken from our church bulletin)

Every summer, Proverbs 31 Ministries, puts together a writer/speaker conference for women titled, She Speaks. This morning, I learned that they are having a contest to give away two scholarships for the 2011 session. To enter, you only need to do a blog post on why you would like to go, by the end of today.

For me, it has never been a matter of answering the question of ‘why.’ I heard about this wonderful opportunity three years ago from a friend who attended and found it to be immensely instructional and encouraging.

I have longed to go to listen and to be heard, which is the heart of its vision. The conference wants to give women an opportunity to share their hopes of having a far-reaching voice, whether through writing or speaking publicly, and then shows them how to set up a platform that suits their particular strength/s.

Though, we all in fact have a song to sing,(*translated: a story to tell) whether it’s for public consumption or just in an intimate setting, the idea of being surrounded by the like-minded feels very exciting to me. To say nothing of the amazing opportunity for feedback and direction for utilizing my gifts.

This year, my 12 year old daughter and I both discovered one of our callings in life. She declared, “Mom, I want to be a writer.” I looked at her so thankful that she is already aware of where the intersection of her gifting and passions lie. For me, just 2 weeks shy of my 37 birthday, I finally know what I want to do with my life along with my highly esteemed role of wife, mother, and friend.  I want to write and speak. I’m a Bible teacher and a redemptive story teller.

God has made me a seer. One who can attest to the “holy in the commonplace.” But, also He has given me a song.

My “She Speaks” obstacle has always been in the realm of ‘how,’ because it is not an inexpensive endeavor. The total cost includes a conference fee, hotel accommodations, and a conference manual.

So, I thought I would take the time to enter this contest. I know that if another summer passes, and I do not attend, it does not mean that I will stop singing. God has called me to use my voice, albeit scratchy and often times out of tune, to sing a song that only I can.

He is the one writing His story through me on sheet music that is tattered, scarred, and stained. Just like His body that was broken for me while He walked this earth for the purpose of over coming death in order to make all things new.

After all, if that were not a true reality, I’d have nothing to offer and frankly, no illusions to the contrary. It is only through His redemption and His ability to penetrate darkness and bring forth beauty out of the heinous that I have a voice at all.

He is the source of the hope that I have, and He provided the people in my life who faithfully fought for me and with me for that hope.

So, whoever has ears to hear, let them hear that whether it’s on a stage or in the shower, my heart will praise Him for His rescue.


Carrie Luke, His prodigal daughter.

Zeph. 3:17 “He will rejoice over you with singing. He will quiet you with His love.”


5 thoughts on “She Sings At “She Speaks”.

  1. will pray for your efforts right now, sister! you would be a VERY desrving recipient of the scholarship (not that you need their training, of course, but I am sure it would be a blessing) 🙂


  2. Carrie,
    You are truly gifted! I can’t wait until you publish your first book…I will buy it! I will be praying for that scholarship…you deserve it. Keep us posted!

  3. Carrie,
    You are definitely a seer, sharing the story of “the holy in the commonplace.” What a gift that is for us as readers. I know God will use this gift in amazing ways. Praying for you.

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