Hugs and Trucks with Mini Benny

A few weeks ago, I met my friend and her 18 month old son at the park. She asked me to take some pictures of him for this special mile stone. Having been obsessed with Ben since he was a new-born, I was very excited for this to be Carrie Luke Photography’s inaugural photo shoot.

For now this will be my gallery since I’m having trouble formulating a photography site. Any help here would be GREATLY appreciated.

I loved following this mother and son duo around doing what they do best, which is simply….enjoying one another.

One of my favorite things was slowing down for a little while and remembering what it was like to have a one and half year old. Although, there was nothing slow about Mini Benny.

Where’s Benny?

There He IS!!

And so very loved.


6 thoughts on “Hugs and Trucks with Mini Benny

  1. Technically, I’m not sure these are your first pics from a photo shoot. I seem to remember some pics of a very cute little girl riding a scooter around your house a little while ago :). Seriously though, these are great and it makes me very happy to see this part of you coming out. -nick

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