Beauty Will Rise: The Barber Family

One of wonderful things of dabbling in family photography is having the opportunity to spend time with the people whom I love. Taking pictures of others is not like our usual assembling around a meal or conversation where I am in the middle of it all. Behind my camera, I am trying to pay attention to small details to capture what I see for others. It is much like being a writer awake and observant. The only difference is that I’m not working with words or thoughts, but light and glass. It’s a perspective that I am quickly coming to love even though the learning curve has been pretty steep.

Last week, I followed around my friends, The Barber’s and their children hoping to gather for them a few images that would help them see their life from where I stand. Amy is one of the most witty people that I know, and when I am with her I am astounded by her ability to feel all that life has to offer. We’ve laughed and cried many times together, usually both in the same moment and this is something that I treasure in a friend.

Her husband, Jim would be shocked to learn that I have been praying for him for 10 years. Especially, since I have only known him for two. My prayer has been that God would provide my husband with a friend who would really get him. Jim has come along side my Jim like a Barnabas brother, who was a wonderful companion and encourager along the journey of faith.

It was a joy to be a part of their family in this special way. I got to see their inside jokes and even took a picture of the middle son pretending to be a Jedi crouched down in the woods. I am thankful for them and the opportunity to see what others see, which is that they are an amazing picture of beauty rising out of the ashes of grief and suffering.


One thought on “Beauty Will Rise: The Barber Family

  1. I absolutely love these pictures of the Barbers, Carrie! I can’t pick a favorite, they are all so good! The joy and love they have for one another is so evident!

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