The Fredere Family: Feeling Thankful

The day after tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I confess to be one of those people who views the third(or forth) Thursday in November as a mere stepping stone to the Christmas season. It is not something I’m particularly proud of and in a valiant effort to love my family well, I have held off listening to Holiday music until today. In the absence of my favorite tunes, I have tried to cultivate a season of gratitude in my heart for the harvest and bounty in my life. If I were keeping a list, this family would be around the beginning. And it would be appropriate because they are some of our oldest married friends.

We met the Fredere’s in our first community group shortly after my husband and I had gotten married. They too  had been recently wed, and I can recall spending many an evening in their home discussing great literature and movies over dinner. If it was a really great night, Jim and I would sit back while Carin and my Jim would spar and joust over numerous topics. It was always amiable and always entertaining.

Soon after their son Nathan was born the Fredere’s headed overseas. That began our long distance friendship with get together’s in three-year increments. The first time they were home on furlough, Carin and I learned that our friendship would always withstand the challenges of time and distance. We sat down for dinner as if not a day had passed. This has been the case for the last 15 years.

This is the week highlighted in our culture to be mindful of our blessings. I am absolutely certain that I would not have made it in this life without the presence of my friends. Whenever I am struggling to remain above the turbulent waters of life it is my faith and the relationships given to me that becomes a sandbar of sorts. It rises up under my feet and carries me to stable ground. And for that I am eternally Thankful.

Meet the Fredere’s.

*Since I changed to this blog theme, the pictures only come in size small and ginormous. I have opted for the smaller layout for now, until I can figure out some happy medium size.


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