Finding Fingerprints: The Jackson Family

My husband is getting ready to finish up his Masters in Divinity. After that, I really do not know what the future holds for our family. When I think about having to make a big change, I panic and envision packing up several people to go with us wherever we are called. The Jackson family in particular always comes to the forefront of my thoughts because I cannot imagine no longer having their fingerprints in our lives.

Catie, among other things, is a violin teacher and we have been a part of her studio for five years. My girls began taking lessons with her when they were eight and five years old and have progressed under her care into very fine musicians. Maggie and Emma even had their first duet debut performing a piece last month in my sister’s wedding.

One of my sister’s friends came up to my husband and said, “When they stood up with their violins, I thought to myself…Oh no. Someone has put these girls into the ceremony out of obligation. Then they began to play, and I was completely blown away by their musical ability.”

I realized early on that her studio was unique when I saw that Catie loved to teach as much as she loved music itself. For her, the two are inextricably linked which is a rare blessing for any parent to find in an instructor.

And speaking of rare, when you see the pictures of her and her husband, Kenneth you should know that they met in an English class in junior high school. They have been friends ever since that day. I believe they sat next to each other, which is not hard to imagine, because today they are still next to one another in love, friendship, fellowship, and ministry as they leave their fingerprints all over our city in the lives of others.


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