Wealthy in Relationship: The Eddy Family

I am not exaggerating when I write that I edited this entire family shoot with a smile on my face. When you are such good friends with a couple, it is only natural to love their children as much as you love them. But then there is an entirely different category of obsession affection when their offspring turns out like Mini Benny. Even when he was an infant, I was smitten by his big brown eyes and infectious smile. Anything that he did felt miraculous or astounding.

It was almost too much to follow him around last week while he was double fisting his two favorite ‘puppies.’

Ben and Leslie are like family. When we are together, we don’t pay attention to time or anything else pressing. We just enjoy one another as we are. I don’t feel the need to clean up for them when they come over, whether it’s a living room or a storehouse in my heart that feels particularly dirty. I know that whatever state they find me, there will always be acceptance, tenderness, and laughter. And that makes me feel very rich.


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