Missing Something

Something is missing, and I am missing something.

I woke up this morning still unable to fathom that you are gone. That you are no longer here, walking this earth. That your face and laughter are no longer brightening up a cloudy day, except in the faces and hearts of those that you touched and are left behind.

Your death still does not seem real or possible but my inability to comprehend does not change the reality.

So, I walk around looking for what is missing.

And what I am missing today is you, Sydney.


4 thoughts on “Missing Something

  1. A friend of mine has recently experienced grief and when I typed my 7 year old granddaughter’s poem for her, she said it brought her a smile and comfort. I am sharing it with you, just because I understand grief and it seems children tap into something that can just touch our hearts in some supernatural way.
    By Ellis age 7

    The way you left it last was a beautiful way
    The way you left it last was cute
    The way you left it last was just like you
    And you’re the only one like you…..

    Said a prayer for you today.. Robin

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