The Coleman Family

We have been going to church with the Coleman’s for several years now and Grant is also our orthodontist. I LOVE the practice of Hull and Coleman mostly because it very much reflects Grant’s personality and fun-loving nature.

When you walk into the office, immediately you are greeted and tended to in a kind, very pleasing manner. But, my favorite thing honestly is not the attention and care which is superb. What I love is the large fish tank in the middle of the waiting room.

I’m not particularly interested in fish, but this one is filled with all of the “characters” from the movie Finding Nemo. And as you recall, the tank that held Nemo was in an orthodontist office.That is just clever.

Having braces can be very unpleasant but the final product is enough to withstand the process. I have found though that for my daughter and me as a parent, the process itself has been incredible, and I know it is partly due to Grant, his partnership, and the staff.

The other part I discovered the day after Thanksgiving when photographing their family. Katie and I have been in bible study together and gotten to know each other at various women’s functions.  I have never had the opportunity to be around their children since our kids are in very different stages, but getting to hang out with their family last week was the highlight of my Thanksgiving.

Caroline is the first baby I have ever photographed and she was an absolute delight making my job very easy. Even while editing her photos, I could almost feel her soft checks. I became SO engrossed that I missed Maggie’s check up apt yesterday with Grant. *Oppsy, sorry Grant.*  Her big brothers are absolutely smitten with her and the feeling seems mutual.

When I began taking photos last month for people, I really had no idea where it would lead, but I have so enjoyed getting to get a glimpse into families like the Coleman’s.


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