A Quiver Full: The Hinkleman Family

I met Gayle and her oldest daughter five years ago when we were paired up for beginner violin lessons for our children. Not familiar with the Suzuki teaching method, I naively bought in a book and journal for the first session. Immediately, I saw that this was not going to be a ‘check out’ time for me because of the assumed role of the parent from day 1. I grew up an athlete and was about to have a crash course in music 101 at 32 years old.

While floundering along learning this new language, I quickly became to appreciate and value Gayle’s quick wit and ability to make me laugh at myself. And there was ample opportunity for the latter.

That fall, Gayle had learned that they were expecting a daughter to join their family that spring. Overwhelmed with only two children, I could not image expecting a fifth. It was with this friendship that I really experienced the beauty and blessing of a full quiver, because I cannot imagine, nor would I want to live in a world where their youngest was not in it. Even as an infant her face was filled with delight and wonder. Last fall, they welcomed their son and 6th child from Liberia.

When I told my husband about Gayle wanting me to take some photos for them, his immediate response was, “oh, you’ll enjoy that because you get such a kick out of that family.” And I do. I love talking to the boys about books and boy things. I love talking to Lauren about music and silliness. And well, Katherine’s 4-year-old joy has a medicinal effect on me.

My husband was right. I did enjoy photographing them, and am so thankful that our families were paired up so many years ago.


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