David and Danielle Sitting in a Tree: An Engagement Shoot

Saturday, I had my first, official engagement shoot. I confess to being a little nervous. So much that when I woke up early that morning and checked the weather which read 68* and “abundant” sunshine, I assumed that meant at 7:00am. And it most certainly…did not.

David and Danielle braved the cold with me, and I found them to be most delightful subjects. I had yet to meet Danielle’s fiance, but it only took a few moments for me to see what drew her to him. He is very kind and tender, and it was wonderful to be invited into this special season of excitement and planning.

My hope for the morning was that I would be able to capture some images that they would always have as a reminder of what being engaged felt like for them. And if nothing else…they will have proof that their puppy, Luke was once small even though he has always been HUGE!! He was SO sweet and a testimony to my growth as a photographer since there are more photos of the humans than the Lab puppy.

Godspeed, you three.




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