The Spear Gang: A Beautiful Bounty

Last weekend, I got to spend the evening with our friends, the Spear’s. They are more affectionately known to most as “The Spear Gang,” and this is why….

I have known the oldest Spear for a few years now through our violin studio and have watched her grow into a beautiful young woman whose playing always leaves my husband and myself completely dumbfounded. But, when we have large recitals, they are always busy times, so I’ve never really gotten a chance to engage with the rest of the “gang.” Aside from, of course, watching the boys play pick up football or ride their ripsticks in a parking lot. (Speaking of being dumbfounded, how in the WORLD do kids ride those maniacal contraptions?)

What a pleasure it was for me to spend a little time with them individually. Besides listening to the cello, violin, AND the guitar, I got to hear who loved to do art, who enjoyed reading, who was beginning to take up golf with their father, and who liked to “monkey” around in the trees.

In this family, it is very easy to see their similarities. You need to look no further than their playful eyes and smiles. But, what I drove away thinking that night was how delightful and yet very different they all were in their own way. It became an AMAZING opportunity for me to view God’s handiwork in the unique and the small.




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