A Couple of Cuties: The Ganson Children Part 1

About 8 years ago, I met a woman at a church function. She was a single gal who had just spent several weeks if not a few months hiking the Appalachian Trail. That in and of itself would have fostered an interesting conversation with a stranger during a house-warming party. But, as I listened closer, I realized that she hiked it all alone.

Though I am an introvert and enjoy hiking, I could NEVER envision having the courage to do something like this. Simply because I live in too much fear for my own safety. Intrigued, I peppered her with questions about this trip and how she managed it. We became so engrossed that the time slipped away, as did the room and everyone else in it.

One of my friends came over, saddled up beside us and said, “You two are having way too much fun over here by yourselves.” When she learned that Michelle and I had just met, she was incredulous. So began a very fun and heartwarming friendship.

The two things I remember most about Michelle were her piercing eyes and her boisterous laugh. The latter being something we shared, which was why we would always draw attention to ourselves at the subsequent gatherings we both found ourselves at.

A few years later, she got married and settled into a new life. We lost touch with each other due to nothing other than crazy schedules and life changes. I had toddlers and she was working at the bank. So, imagine my sheer DELIGHT when she contacted me a few months ago to take some photos of her children.

I spent the evening with them a few weeks ago, and LOVED getting to know her two oldest, both of whom have piercing eyes like their mother and father. And of course, since usually apples do not fall far from the tree, their giggles reminded me of their mom and all of the fun conversations we shared years ago. Incidentally, when my children were about the same age as her older two are now.

Time is such a funny thing. It moves by so quickly even when it feels like a day is an eternity, which is why I like taking pictures.

Because there are just some moments and faces you do not ever want to forget.

To be continued…


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