The Men in Her Life

I confess that I always pictured myself as a boys mom before having daughters. I grew up a professional grade tom-boy and just assumed that my home would be filled with  lots of testosterone, sports equipment, and skinned up knees. Instead, the Lord saw fit to line my walls with books and fill my halls with violin music.

I adore having daughters, and I would not trade my girls for anything. But in the spring, my desire for a son tends to wake up. Incidentally, right around the same time as Major League Baseball’s opening day.

When my lovely friend told me that for Mother’s Day she wanted some photos of the men in her life, I was very happy to oblige.

I had not spent a lot of time with her husband or sons before this shoot though I have known her for years. She is one of the most delightful women of my acquaintance, who is tack sharp in intellect and humor. I enjoy being around her, because I know that she will make me laugh but will also be very genuine in her care of me.

Happy Mother’s Day, friend!


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