Candidly Speaking: The Pay Family

My friend Sarah has many talents. For starters, she is the graphic designer who put together our new business cards. My husband and I are very excited (and a little proud) to  hand these out to interested parties.

I for one have never had any reason to try to communicate myself visually on a 3.5″x 2″ piece of card stock, and I felt a bit intimidated by the prospect.  There is something very special about requesting such a service by someone so skilled but who also knows you well, and I feel like she really captured me.

Another one of her gifts, though she may not readily recognize it, is that she is a VERY good teacher. She is forgiving and patient and kind. When discussing her family’s photography session, she said that she wanted mostly candid shots. Ironically, the week before this conversation I had set out to read and study up on a more journalistic approach to photography.

I have always loved pictures that tell a story, but I am one who is more skilled in portraying those types of moments in written verse and not with an image. This was exactly what I needed. A family that only wanted what I longed to dive into. My excitement grew and my uncertainty lessened.

During our session though, when little boys were running around in bubbles, making swords out of masking tape and an uprooted branch, or racing each other on their scooter’s, I became doubtful.

That was when Sarah encouraged me by saying that these where the things that she truly wanted captured.   So I prayed, paid close attention to the action, snapped my shutter a ton, and I had lots of fun doing it.

I loved learning about the Pay boys. I met Joe and Sarah after they were newly married but have not had ample time to spend with their children. I saw that all three of them stick their tongues out when they are heavily concentrating. I can now tell you which one enjoys art, which one likes to line up his toys while playing, and FINALLY I can now point out someone else whose favorite Superhero is Batman. We are so far and few between.

I learned SO much that evening, but what I will take away is the fact that my friend believed in and trusted me when I did not believe or trust in myself. I find that very valuable in a person.

Here is a sneak peek into the life of the Pay Family, where they value play, action, creativity, laughter, discovery(hello very strange and cool moth), togetherness, and fellowship. It was a delight and blessing to witness their love and commitment to one another.


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