Brookstone School: Sowing Seeds of Wisdom

Monday was probably my favorite day of the summer thus far, because I was able to spend some time at Brookstone School in order to take some photographs of their summer camp. If you are unfamiliar with this beacon of light located off of West Blvd, you should really spend a few minutes getting acquainted with its mission, because it is beautiful.

As we move through life attending to its daily, immediate needs, it can be difficult at times to look up to get a view that is outside of our natural sphere. And even if we look up, there is always the question: what could I do to make a difference?

In 1996, a group of citizens from different backgrounds did indeed “look up” and joined together to found a non-profit Christ-centered school in Charlotte’s urban core.  Their passion was to give hope-to be the ‘seed of difference’ for low-income, minority children.

Brookstone School opened its doors in 2001 with grades K-1. They expanded to K-6 in the fall of 2011 and are now on the road to their K-8 goal.

Having various friends who are board members, I have heard about this school and its progression for years. But, it was not until this past week that I got a chance to see it with my own eyes. They run outreach camps to the community during the summer months which promotes literacy in the morning and various enrichment activities in the afternoon.

This past week, a church from Davidson came down to run a VBS music camp for the kids. It was amazing to watch.

I think my biggest take away from my time, which is not earth shattering by any means, is that adults, whether young or old, really do have the capacity to make a difference in a child’s life. It was fleshed out right before my eyes as the teachers, administrators, and camp counselors gave their time and energy for the life of another who really needed it.



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